Thank you for choosing Piano Edutainment! The tuition fee for each program at Piano Edutainment is $175 per month and includes the following:

  • Access to the program’s online learning site
  • Licensing and installation of all required instructional software
  • Weekly 30-to-45-minute lessons conducted through Skype and an interactive online classroom that features onscreen musical staff and keyboard displays
  • Instructional videos explaining and demonstrating different music concepts
  • Game-based online learning activities on music theory
  • Ongoing support throughout the week via online Q/A and discussions
  • Reflections and communications with piano teacher via private journal and email
  • Sharing and learning with other students via discussions forums and blogs
  • Up to $10 worth of Prize Points awarded monthly based on assessment and performance

Please click on the link below to enter your credit card information on our secure payment form. You will be billed automatically each month based on your enrollment date.

Prize Points: Piano Edutainment Prize Stores for each program are powered by Each student will receive an Amazon Gift card to redeem and select their prizes. Prizes will be mailed within one week of selection.

Program Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your enrollment at any time provided that at least thirty days notice is given in advance of your monthly dues payment.

Lesson Rescheduling Policy: One lesson may be rescheduled per month. Piano Edutainment must receive a notification at least 24 hours in advance. The rescheduled lesson must be conducted in the same month.

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