Learn What You Love

little piano playerMany times students are forced to follow a certain curriculum in their piano instruction. This curriculum doesn’t always allow for them to play pieces that they know and love. This, in turn, causes a decline in students’ motivation to continue pursuing piano education. They see playing the piano as a chore rather than a fun activity.

Song choice is probably one of the most important factors that distinguish whether or not a student will find playing the piano to be an enjoyable activity. As humans, we tend to perform poorly in subject areas that are not of interest to us. The same goes with piano education. How can you practice a song you’ve never heard of? How can you practice a song you don’t really like? How can you practice a song you don’t really relate to? Students’ motivation to continue piano instruction drops drastically because they don’t generally have the option to choose their own songs.

The solution? Give them a choice. Give them options. Make sure your students love every song they play. Make sure nothing is forced and they feel like they have a say in their music education. This will encourage students to continue their music education and actually ENJOY doing so.

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