Learning a music instrument must be fun to result in real outcomes.  Piano Edutainment programs make learning fun through the following instructional design features.

Personalized Programs– Piano Edutainment designs unique programs to address the diverse needs of its students. Age, cultural origin, learning styles and preferences are among the factors that are integrated in each program. While each personalized program starts with a core set of learning objectives, students have the choice to learn whatever genre, piece, and style that they want to learn. In doing so, students develop a passion for the piano and music as a whole. Piano Edutainment’s goal is to engage each and every student in the learning process to keep them excited about their learning journey. Students complete their program with an appreciation for the piano and all it has to offer.

Home-Based Lessons – Piano Edutainment makes piano lessons easy and convenient for students. Through its online learning center, live weekly lessons are delivered to students using leading video-conferencing tools and piano instructional software. While some people may still be concerned about the effectiveness of online music education, research studies have shown an overall advantage of video conference lessons over traditional in-person lessons. Piano Edutainment has found that children in particular seem to be much more attentive and focused when they are taught using “cool” applications. Additionally, with online lessons, parents won’t need to spend the time and energy driving their kids to piano lessons. And adults who are interested in learning the piano throughout their busy and grueling schedules are able to learn in the comfort of their own home.

Continuous Coaching – At Piano Edutainment, teacher interactions with students are not simply limited to the live lessons. Through the online learning center, teachers stay connected with students on an ongoing basis to keep them engaged and motivated to complete their practice assignments. At Piano Edutainment, practicing the piano becomes a fun playing activity, not a boring chore or obligation.

Self-Paced Learning – Piano Edutainment has done extensive research in the application of technology to increase student attention and learning outcomes. Our online learning center incorporates a series of carefully designed learning opportunities between the live lessons. Through instructional videos, learning games and group-based motivational tools, students continue to learn music theory and stay motivated to practice the piano because they want to – not because they have to. This accelerates learning and skills achievement.

Incentivized Learning – Piano Edutainment’s personalized programs include weekly assessments to measure students’ learning and progress. Students are recognized and rewarded for their learning activities and achievements through prize points. The online learning center includes a prize store where students can use their earned prize points to redeem their selected prizes. Prizes are shipped to the student’s home within one week of selection. Incentives encourage students to play the piano and participate in the online learning activities. The ultimate result is improved learning outcomes.