Program Overview

Program Age Range: 5-9

Program Length:2-4 years

Program Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate proper sitting posture, hand positioning, distance from the piano, arm weight, breathing, and finger motion
  • Identify basic keyboard elements
  • Demonstrate ability to identify pitch and melody through aural and visual senses
  • Demonstrate ability to identify rhythm through aural and visual senses
  • Demonstrate knowledge of scales and key signatures
  • Identify and recognize intervals (the distance between two notes) through visual and aural senses
  • Identify music symbols and terms
  • Demonstrate tonal memory and play back
  • Perform learned pieces with physical ease and technical efficiency
  • Display proper development of timing
  • Demonstrate a strong aural and visual sense of a piece to help with memorization
  • Display proper use of the metronome by matching what is being played with the steady ticks
  • Play several music pieces with efficiency and ease

Weekly Activities:

  • Take Live Lesson conducted through Skype and an interactive online classroom that features onscreen musical staff and keyboard displays. Each lesson takes about 30 minutes.
  • Watch assigned videos explaining and demonstrating different music concepts.
  • Play assigned game-based learning activities on music theory.

Monthly Assessments:

  • Overall Performance in Live Lessons
  • Overall Score on Game-Based Activities

Monthly Incentives/Awards:

  • Up to 5 Prize Points for Overall Performance in Live Lessons
  • Up to 5 Prize Points for Overall Score on Game-Based Activities
  • Each Prize Point grants $1 toward your Amazon Gift Card
  • You can use your Amazon Gift Card in the program’s Prize Store to select your prize of choice

Program Completion Requirements:

  • Achieve Program Learning Objectives
  • Pass a music theory online assessment
  • You will receive a Certificate and 100 Extra Prize Points to spend in the Program’s Prize Store upon successful completion of the program