I believe what is missing in the educational process of learning music is the element of fun. Sometimes we forget why we start learning music to begin with; it becomes a chore and an obligation. My goal at Piano Edutainment is to ensure that playing the piano will always and forever remain an interest that our students will love and enjoy for years to come

Another major obstacle to music education is busy schedules and the time and inconvenience of taking lessons at music schools. To this end, I’ve built Piano Edutainment as a virtual music school using state-of-the-art internet technologies and innovative instructional software. Our students learn to play piano from the comfort of their own home.

I love the piano and I want to transfer that love and passion to each and every student at Piano Edutainment. I can assure you that our educational programs are both challenging and entertaining with real learning outcomes.

Tarlon Moghadam