It’s Never Too Late to Learn the Piano

Playing pianoMany times my friends will express their desire to learn the piano and their regret at not having taken lessons when they were younger. My response is always, “It’s never too late to learn, why not start now?” I get the same face of confusion every time.

Many adults feel it’s too late to learn and assume they’re a lost cause. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. I find that piano-learning adults actually learn and advance at a faster rate than any child I’ve ever taught. Why? Adults who choose to take piano lessons already have the drive and motivation to learn the instrument. Adults have the patience and understanding to learn many musical concepts at a faster rate than children. Lastly, adults will work twice as hard to get their time and money’s worth.

Never be regretful about what you didn’t do in the past. Take the initiative and do something about it in your present. It will NEVER be too late to learn an instrument and do what you love in this world. As long as you have passion and drive, anything is possible.

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