Why Recitals Are So Important

recital blog photoPiano lessons alone can only take you so far in your musical journey. One of the most important aspects of learning the piano is learning how to perform in front of an audience. Many students find this to be the greatest struggle. Sometimes our fear and nerves get the best of us, leaving us with nothing but a long-lasting case of stage fright.

Encouraging your students to participate in recitals is, in my opinion, a necessary component of piano lessons. What good is a talent if you can’t share it with others? I’d like to think that recitals are the best motivators because the student experiences a strong drive to perform to their best abilities. The praise and recognition that come after a performance make an even better motivator. Students with a bad case of stage fright will gradually learn ways to cope through their continuous participation in recitals.

My advice is to throw regular recitals, whether at your studio or online, to showcase your students’ accomplishments and reward them for their continuous improvement. Our students need to be reminded of their achievements in order to fully enjoy and appreciate the entire music learning process.

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